Information and links for Current Students

To all current dancers and their families, make sure you've joined our closed Facebook group, Alexandria Highland Dancers!

General information about Highland Dancing:

Dancewear & Ghillies

Purchasing ghillies for the first time can be a bit intimidating, so do not hestiate to ask your teacher for guidance! New beginners may initially wear black ballet slippers, Irish soft shoes, or similar dance pumps.

When purchasing ghillies, please pay careful attention to sizing - it may even be helpful to measure your foot. Ghillie sizing is NOT the same sizing as US street shoes and may vary drastically depending on what brand you get. Ghillies are meant to fit snuggly, but not uncomfortably, and often need to be broken in prior to dancing - the leather will stretch! Some of the following stores have a wide selection of fun colors, but please make sure that the ones you purchase are black (though the eyelets/stitching might be a different color).

Here are a few of our favorite ghillie suppliers:


For competitions and most performances, Highland dancers wear very specific traditional outfits. For exact guidelines, look at the official RSOBHD dress code. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to run it by your teacher.

Most serious dancers prefer to purchase custom-made outfits. However, these are quite a big investment and we do not recommend this option for new dancers and children who are still growing. There is a thriving second-hand market for Highland dance outfits, both in-person and online. ASHD has a small collection of previously-loved outfits, so definitely check with your teacher to see if we have anything you might be able to use.

Facebook groups for second-hand Highland dance outfits and shoes:

Highland Dancewear Suppliers (for costumes, textbooks, and more):

More Resources


  • ASHD YouTube channel - videos of our recent performances

  • Highland Dance Steps - a bit outdated, but this is a great resources to find individual steps from any dance

  • Celtefan - nice collection of videos from the Highland Dancing World Championships (Cowal) as well as some vintage videos of vintage Highland dancing


  • For beginners, we recommend Peter Purvis's albums "Highland Dance, Vol. 1" and "Highland Dance, Vol. 2" These are both available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music/iTunes.

  • For wider variety and a more comprehensive selection of Highland dance tunes, we recommend this playlist on Spotify.

  • Anne-Marie's playlist of warm up music