School Policies


  • All classes are currently held online via Zoom. We will offer both in-person and online classes beginning in September 2021.

  • Zoom links will be distributed after we receive tuition.

  • Since all classes have a waiting room in Zoom, please make sure your screen name is recognizable.

  • Dancers need some kind of webcam setup where the teacher can see you dancing, as well as a reliable high-speed internet connection.


  • Arrive to class a few minutes early so we can start promptly.

  • Please get water, use the restroom, and put on your shoes prior to the beginning of class.

  • All classes are one hour long unless otherwise stated. Advanced classes especially may occassionally go a few minutes overtime.

  • Let your teacher know 24 hours in advance if you will not be able to attend a class. Please know that we do not offer make-up classes.

  • Dress code: We do not have a formal uniform, but we ask that dancers wear shorts with knee socks or close-fitting workout pants/leggings, in addition to ghillies. Long hair must be tied back.

  • The teacher will let you know beforehand if different footwear or equipment is required for a class or workshop.

  • To make sure you have enough space to dance, we recommend a 4' x 4' area or larger - preferably not carpet, concrete, or anything too slippery.

Tuition & Miscellaneous

  • All classes must be pre-paid.

  • Tuition for in-person classes must be paid by semester.

  • Tuition for online classes may be paid monthly (due on the 5th).

  • Strength & Conditioning workshops are included in tuition. The drop-in rate for workshops is $20.

  • Private lessons are offered upon request.

  • We accept tuition payments via PayPal or check. Contact us directly for current rates.