Alexandria School of Highland Dance

Spreading the joy of traditional Scottish Highland Dancing

We offer traditional Scottish Highland Dance instruction for children and adults at all levels, based out of northern Virginia. 

The Alexandria School of Highland Dance was founded in August 2020 by Anne-Marie Berens, Amy Jenkins, and Amy Shields. Our mission is to spread the joy of Highland dancing through education, performance, and competition. Contact us today to take a class, book a performance, or simply learn more about this art form.

Four adult Highland dancers wearing kilts and black ASHD jackets, smile and wave as they march in a parade, carrying a purple banner with the ASHD logo on it. The word "About" is superimposed on the photo in white letters.
Seven girls, ranging in age from about 7 to 12, pose for a photo in a dance studio at the end of class. Superimposed on the photo in white letters is the word "Classes."
Four girls and their Highland dance teacher stand in first position, ready to dance, on the grass. They are all wearing kilts, velvet vests, and knee socks. In the background you can see the feet of a pipe band standing on a stone stage. Superimposed on the photo in white letters is the word "Events."

Highland dance is the perfect mix between modern sport and traditional art form.

Originally done in times by ancient warriors, benefits of learning Highland dance include...