Class offerings

All of our classes are approximately one hour long, with some offered online via Zoom and some in-person (beginning September 2021). Class sizes are kept small in order to maintain high quality teaching and lot of individual attention for each dancer. We accept new students of any age or gender, whether you are interested in performing, competing, or just dancing for fun!

We regularly hold introductory classes for new beginners, both children and adults. No prior dance experience required. Registration for Fall 2021 will begin in August - click below to express interest.

Children's Beginner Highland

An introduction to Highland dancing meant for children (ages 5+) with little to no Highland dance experience. Students can expect to learn basic positions and movements, as well as a simple dance. No prior experience required, but this class would also be suitable for children with some Highland experience who are returning after a substantial break. Held in-person.

Returning Highland

This mixed-level class is open to any teenage or adult dancers with significant Highland experience. It will be a fantastic way to practice for upcoming performances and competitions, try out dances and steps we've only previously learned online, and dance together in person again after a year and a half of online classes! Held in-person.

Highland Technique

The focus of this class will be on perfecting our technical foundations and integrating that technique into full-length dances (particularly the five main Highland and National dances). Open to all levels. Held online via Zoom.

Advanced Highland

This class is for intermediate and premier dancers, at teacher discretion. In addition to long-step Highland dances, we will learn current Championship and Premiership steps, advanced Nationals, character dances, choreography, and more! While learning more advanced steps, the aim will be to maintain high quality technique. Dancers have frequent opportunities to perform, and many enjoy competing at the highest level. Serious dancers at this level are also encouraged to attend the Highland Technique class and/or Returning Highland class. Held online via Zoom.


Private lessons are a fantastic opportunity to get personalized classes and individual attention. This is a good option for students when a group class at their level is not available or for students who are serious competitors. Contact us for availability and pricing.


Behind Highland Dancing are the textbooks released by world governing bodies. Studying these textbooks help dancers gain a more thorough knowledge of steps. In these casual study sessions, we help students prepare for amateur (aka medal tests) and professional exams (aka teaching certifications) held yearly by the BATD.